custom application development

Focused applications that enhance existing technology investments.

Rightsize Custom Development Services allow companies to become leading edge without scrapping existing investments into systems and software.

Many organizations have systems and applications in place that work fairly well. To throw them out for another set of canned applications does not make business or financial sense. RightSize provides the focused development of applications in the 'gap' areas of your existing systems; areas of the organization where additional functionality is needed, but 'off the shelf' solutions may not be practical or available.

  • A leading payroll processing company needed a better way to handle travel planning approvals and related expense tracking. RightSize accessed the need and developed the solution.
  • A specialty insurance underwriter needed to integrate their underwriting process with their host accounting and billing system. RightSize came through.
  • A leading fence manufacturer needed an automated process to configure and price out fencing for both employees and customers. RightSize delivered.
  • A leading garden supply company needed help automating their coupon and rebate processing. RightSize automation turned this problem area into a highly effective customer touch point.
  • A large real estate firm needed an on-line tool for quick mortgage rate and payment calculations. RightSize developed and delivered the solution.
  • An auto parts manufacturer had major problems tracking and keeping organized records of their engineering change orders. RightSize developed the solution.
  • A large audio-visual services provider had major difficulties managing their trade shows. RightSize built the solution, and trade show management became an area of significant expertise.

RightSize is all about solving problems unique to a given business in a practical yet effective manner. Real solutions that work, with real and measurable return on investment is the RightSize claim to fame and the RightSize reason for being. Make RightSize work for you. Contact us to directly to find out how RightSize can deliver for you.