expertise to innovate

We incorporate our knowledge of industry best-practices, our technical expertise and experience into solutions that add significant value to your organization. These solutions increase profit, reduce costs and facilitate customer services. We have confidence in our ability to be your partner for change, based on years of successful collaboration and innovation.

Our team of IBM and Sun Java certified individuals are well-versed in their fields and are required to maintain certifications throughout their employment.

success by adapting technology to effect positive business changes

Our solutions include business-process improvements matched to appropriate technology. This often requires a cultural change within an organization which we manage or coach as a component of our projects. This is a distinguishing factor between RightSize and independent contractors and most "code houses".

We work closely with your key personnel in learning your organization and identifying where your processes can be enhanced. We take this extra step to make sure we are not automating a broken process. This translates to a more streamlined environment where your employees are able to accomplish more with less effort.

lasting relationships through excellent client experience

We aim for exceptional client service by building a relationship based on open communication, personal connection and professional integrity.

Our responsiveness and ability to provide practical, flexible and reliable solutions, coupled with competitive pricing, contributes to our success in sustaining long term relationships with our clients. This is evidenced by the fact that a majority of our clients were gained through referrals from clients.

By providing personalized service that is unique to each client, we live up to our commitment to be true business consulting partners.

tangible value to investment

Even before we accept a project, we make sure that the engagement will have a positive, tangible and measurable impact on your bottomline. We will never take on a project that does not ultimately pay for itself.

That is why we have a strong track record of clients achieving ROI within 1 year of deployment of our solution. This is testimony to the effectiveness of our solutions and that it is your business' welfare we have in mind.

We extend technical support through knowledge transfer and provision of training for skills enablement to ensure that you become self-sufficient after project turnover. We also maintain helpdesk support personnel to provide on-call, on demand support.

the RightSize Winning Advantage