about Us

RightSize is a consulting and software development company with over 20 years of expertise in the design, development and implementation of innovative e-business, work flow, marketing, sales, and mobile computing solutions. We have a proven track record of helping our clients define and execute innovative business strategies that increase sales, market share, productivity, and profitability. We use technology to leverage our client's business, marketing, and sales strategies by creating tools that improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. Our cross industry expertise in supporting business processes in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, logistics, insurance, and finance allow us to design and deliver technology solutions that are practical, proven, and effective.

Delivering Real Business Value: Our goal with any project is the development and delivery of tools and functionality that produce significant return on the investment. Helping our customers to make more money is what RightSize is all about. Whether the need, problem, and solution reduces costs or increases market share, the results will be real and measurable.

Custom Development: RightSize provides custom software development services backed by our continuous investment in developer skills with the latest and greatest development platforms. RightSize fosters a culture of innovation, creativity, and productivity which have helped us build leading edge, yet practical solutions for our customers. This approach produces lasting relationships with our customers.